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Cords carry the requisite approval required for each destination below.

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C7 POWER CORDS used in Part Number Description
N. America 17815 N1/15(Polarized)-SPT-2 2X18-C7/6'7"
Cont'l Europe 200-20M XVI-H03VVH2F0.75-C7/6'7"
UK 209-21-2 BS1363-H03VVH2F2X0.75-C7/6'7"
Argentina 197-81-2 IRAM 2073-H05VVH2F2X0.75-C7/6'7"
Australia 198-81-2 3112-H03VVH2F2X0.75-C7/6'7"
Brazil 450-007 BR-2-H03VVH2-F 0.75mm2 C7/6'
China 196-00 GB2099-RVB2x075-C7/6'
India 455-C7 IS1293-H03VVH2F 2x0.75 C7/6'
Israel 457-C7 SI-32 H03VVH2F 2x0.75 C7/6'
Japan 002-70 PSE-N1/15-VCTFK2X0.75MM-C7/6'
Korea 195-C7 KSC8305-H03VVH2Fx0.75mm-C7/6'
S. Africa 456-21 SABS-H03VVH2F2X0.75-C7/6'7"
Thailand 193-C7 TIS16S2-H03VVH2-F 2x0.75-C7/6'
C5 POWER CORDS used in Part Number
N. America 18EV8N1718 N5/15-SVT3X18-C5/6'
Cont'l Europe 199-C5 VII-H05VVF3G0.75-C5/6'
UK 209-C5 BS1363-H05VVF3G0.75-C5/6'
Argentina 197-C5-2 IRAM 2073-H05VVF3G0.75-C5/6'7"
Australia 198-C5 3112-SAA3x0.75mm-C5/6'
Brazil 450-C5 BR2-10P-H05VVF3G0.75-C5/6'
China 196-C5 GB2099-1RVV3X0.75-C5/6'
Denmark 310-C5 107-2-H05VVF3G0.75-C5/6'7"
India 455-C5 IS1293-H05VVF3G0.75-C5/6'7"
Israel 457-C5 SI32-H05VVF3G0.75-C5/6'
Italy 364-C5-2 CEI23-H05VVF3G0.75-C5/6'7"
Japan 002-C5 PSE-N5/15-VCTF3X0.75-C5/6'
Korea 199-C5-KETI VII-H05VVF3G0.75-C5/6'
S. Africa 456-C5-2 SABS-H05VVF3G0.75-C5/6'7"
Switzerland 210-C5 1011-H05VVF3G0.75-C5/6'
Thailand 193-C5 TIS 166-2549-H05VVF3G0.75-C5/6'
C13 POWER CORDS used in Part Number
N. America 18EV8N1318 N5/15-SVT3X18-C13/6'
Cont'l Europe 199-000 VIIG-H05VVF3G1.0-C13/8'2"
UK 209-000 BS1363-H05VVF3G1.0-C13/8'2"
Argentina 197-000 IRAM 2073-H05VVF3G1.0-C13/8'2"
Australia 198-000 3112-H05VVF3G1.0-C13/8'2"
Brazil 450-000 BR2-10P-H05VVF3G1.0-C13/8'2"
China 196-000 GB2099-1RVV3X1.0-C13/8'2"
Denmark 310-000 107-2-H05VVF3G1.0-C13/8'2"
India 455-000 IS1293-H05VVF3G1.0-C13/8'2"
Israel 457-010 SI32-H05VVF3G1.0-C13/8'2"
Italy 364-010 CEI23-H05VVF3G1.0-C13/8'2"
Japan 20000011 PSE-N5/15-VCTF3X0.75-C13/7'7"
Korea 195-001 KSC8305-H05VVF3G1.0mm-C13/8'2"
S. Africa 456-010 SABS-H05VVF3G1.0-C13/8'2"
Switzerland 210-000 1011-H05VVF3G1.0-C13/8'2"
Thailand 193-000 TIS 166-2549-H05VVF3G1.0-C13/8'2"