We have expanded our IEC Lock product line with this new and patented space-saving C-13 multi-tier outlets.

Made from nylon LSZH, these outlets feature a locking mechanism designed to maintain uptime and protect against accidental disconnections.

Our clients know that downtime resulting from an accidental disconnection can be expensive. These new C13 Outlets are designed to prevent those costly outages while also saving space.

Each outlet comes with an independent release locking mechanism and an easy-to-access button to operate the mechanism. The outlets come in two versions – four tiers and six tiers –and take up less space than four or six individual IEC locks would use.

The launch of the C13 outlets follows MEGA’s recent introduction of the IEC C13 Lock Rewireable, the world’s first locking rewireable C13 IEC connector.

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Additional specifications can be found here: View the Specs

Available in 4 Tier and 6 Tier configurations.

Multi-Tier IEC Locking C13 Connector