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New cord connection system from MEGA Electronics plugs directly to the PC Board.

Looking to the growing use of electronic boards in modern appliances and overheard fans and considering the increasing interest for card edge connections for signal as well as power, MEGA has developed a new range of card edge connectors.

These connectors over mold a 4 space receptacle with 5mm pitch distance between the spaces and using fork type for PBC Edge mating terminals, in conformity to Molex 94529 or Mikroplax WB5004H. This solution provides a strong and reliable electrical connection of the cable directly to the electronic board. Optional fifth wire provides a ground.
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First locking Rewireable C13 IEC Connector

The original and patented retrofit solution now comes in rewireable version! Guards against accidenrial disconnection of computers, PDU's, servers and most network devices. World's first locking rewireable C13 IEC Connector. Connector cannot be accidentally pulled or virbated out of any standard c14 IEC inlet. Requires no other equipment or special inlets to secure it. Can be retrofitted Rewireable offering total flexibility when assembling cables.

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Anti-Microbial Cable

Antimicrobial Technology creates products that are permanently protected against a wide range of microbes by using an antimicrobial additive.

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5 Conductor Twist Lock Extension Cords

5 conductor Twist Lock extension cords in 20 and 30 Amps and dual voltages of 277 and 480 volts AC are ideal for transferring power within data centers. Made with 600 volt rated rubber cable, the cords can withstand extreme environments and rough handling. Available in custom lengths and various plug configurations upon request. MADE IN USA

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World’s first locking rewireable C13 IEC Connector


MEGA supplies an expansive DC/DC converter range for commercial and industrial applications.


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MEGA Electronics Inc. was founded in 1994 to provide one source for all components that bring power from the wall into your product, for any location, anywhere in the world. MEGA has emerged as the preferred partner for commercial and industrial use Power Supplies and Cords. The currently available products in this category include wall mount, desktop, DIN rail and open frame power supplies. All in Level VI, mandatory as of 2/2016

Congratulations Guy! Mega Electronics, Inc. is about to enter Year 11 of MANA membership.

Manufacturers tell me that access to MANA’s database of elite manufacturers’ representatives is a big reason that they belong to MANA. A close runner up is MANA’s member-only educational resources and Agency Sales magazine that helps hone their skills at thriving with a manufacturers’ representative sales force.

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Mega Electronics, Inc. Recognized For Entering Year 11 of MANA Membership

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MEGA supplies power cords with all the necessary approvals to ship to any location in the world, usually from stock.

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MEGA has instituted VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory), JIT and KANBAN, positioning us to support blanket orders and stock and release requirements.

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Our engineering and sales teams are dedicated to seeing your project through from initial concept to product release and throughout the product life cycle.

MEGA Electronics, Inc.

POWER SUPPLIES: Desk top, wall plug in and open frame powers supplies available up to 800W.

External supplies all are made to Energy Efficiency Level VI, mandated by the Department of Energy and are available in medical versions to 60601-1-2 4th edition with any DC barrel.
Open frame versions are available with active PFC and optional fans.

MEGA Electronics, Inc.

Power Cord Products from MEGA ELECTRONICS

MEGA supplies a feature-rich range of North American power cord products, international power cords, assembled plugs and connectors, outlet strips and accessories, and wire and cable products.

Each of these products is code-compliant in keeping with the prevailing industry standards, and can be shipped to any location worldwide. MEGA carries a rich inventory of power cords and related accessories.

MEGA Electronics, Inc.

DC/DC~AC/DC Converters

MEGA supplies an expansive DC/DC converter range for commercial and industrial applications.

Through hole, SMD and chassis mounting DC/DC converters and switching regulators are available in wattages from 0.25W to 200W. Most products in the AC/DC and DC/DC converter range carry UL recognition, CE approved and all are ROHS compliant. For medical applications, products with isolations up to 6kV are available. These converters are continuous short circuit protected, enhancing their operational safety.

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