A professional kitchen is a rough environment, as any chef could tell you. It takes tough people to work there, and durable supplies, from cookware and appliances to the cords and connectors that power those appliances.

MEGA Electronics Inc. is proud to provide power supplies and power cords  to customers in the food service industry.

We supply power components for everything from the massive ovens used in fast food restaurants to counter-top blenders.

Our clients often require custom solutions, as cords must exit the appliance at certain angles, remain in place, and meet space constraints. Other customers need flat plugs, which allow refrigerators to stay as close to the wall as possible.

In these cords, the plug pins are mounted to a PCB inside the plug to create stability. This is followed by a two-shot molding process, with an inner and outer shell molded to provide greater strength and plug integrity, as well as greater safety.

For this cord, we also tooled a plastic bracket over the cord that allows the cord to be attached to the back of the refrigerator.  This replaces a metal clip that is typically used.

Customers who supply equipment for cafeterias and commercial kitchens look to MEGA to provide them with oil and water-resistant cables, as well as high-temperature rated cables for ovens.

For more than 23 years, food service appliance customers from all over the world have relied on MEGA to bring power from the wall to their products.

We’ve built our company on three pillars: excellent customer service, superior product knowledge, and the highest quality products. Contact us today to learn more.