We are a connected world. Internet of Things technology is projected to reach more than 20 billion devices by the 2020.

This is a figure that does not include things like smartphones or computers, but rather includes products scanners and readers, household devices and heavy machinery.

MEGA Electronics Inc. can help power this equipment. Our networking equipment products include the universally approved jumper cords, used to move power from one device to another.

Unlike power cords, which plug directly to a wall outlet, jumper cords fall under the category of wiring harnesses and are subjected to different rules.  Wiring harnesses can carry approvals for multiple jurisdictions in one cord.

MEGA produces both the C14 to C13 and C20 to C19 jumper cords with universal cable, carrying both UL recognition and European approvals.  To meet both UL and European requirements our SJT cable had to be upgraded from 3x18AWG to 3x17AWG to be in line with H05VVF3G1.0mm (European cable standard) for 10A applications.

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