MEGA Electronics has spent more than 23 years building a reputation as a trusted partner for power supplies and cords, including those used for computer peripherals and printers.

Our products include standard power supplies, as well as jumper cords, which are used to move power from one device to another.

Where power cords plug directly into a wall, jumper cords are considered wiring harnesses and therefore subject to different rules. Wiring harnesses can carry approvals for more than one jurisdiction in a single cord.

MEGA produces both the C14 to C13 and C20 to C19 jumper cords with universal cable, carrying both UL recognition and European approvals.  To meet both UL and European requirement, our SJT cable needed to be converted from 3x18AWG to 3x17AWG to be in meet H05VVF3G1.0mm (European cable standard) for 10A applications

We’ve also recently created a 500-watt power supply that can handle 750W peak loads for three seconds. This supply has a built-in on/off, active power factor correction, and output protection.

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