For nearly a quarter century, customers in the industrial equipment field have counted on MEGA Electronics to provide quality supplies and expert product knowledge.

Those products include DC/DC convertors for the automation industry, for equipment used in testing measurements, or for fluid control.

Our DC/DC converters are all ROHS compliant, (and carry UL recognition and CE approval-not ture)  and have features such as continuous short circuit protection, remote on/off, super wide inputs, high isolation barriers and efficiencies up to 96 percent.

The converters  have powered a wide array of products such as automated robots welding car bodies and the inside of pipelines, altimeters on aircraft requiring the use of silicon potting to survive rapidly changing temperatures, and a variety of sensors measuring tides on remote boats, gas and water flows.

We also provide twist locking power cords and 60309 pin and sleeves for use on CNC milling machines, mass spectrometers, lasers  and other heavy industrial equipment. Contact us today to learn more about how MEGA can help power your next project.