Vending machines aren’t what they used to be.

No longer just a place to get a soda or a snack, vending machines have been embraced by entities ranging from hospitals to offices to plant maintenance  as a form of inventory control.

For example, hospitals use vending machines to provide workers access to surgical scrubs. Employees punch in their code, give the machine their size, and get a pair of scrubs to wear, while the hospital knows which employee is wearing what scrubs.

Vending machines can now be found in offices dispensing basic offices supplies, such as pens, paper clips and staples.

We’ve also seen vending machines used as tool cribs to document which worker is using which tools, as a way of holding the user accountable for the return of the tool.

How does MEGA Electronics help? By supplying both power cords and power supplies for vending machines. These are typically desktop power supplies – 36 watts and greater – with specialized DC connectors and power cords with heavy duty cables.  Contact us today to learn more about how MEGA can help your company.