Gulf States G Mark and Singapore Spring Safety mark are now mandatory for power cords.

Gulf States G Mark and Singapore Spring Safety mark are now mandatory for power cords.
All the below mentioned countries have adopted the BS1363 fused plug standard from the United Kingdom as their national standard for power cords

The G-Mark for Low-Voltage Electrical products is regulated by the Gulf Technical Regulation for Low-Voltage Electrical Equipment and Appliances (BD-142004-01) and is required for products shipped to the UAE, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, and Oman. Saudi Arabi accepts the G-Mark or the SASO approval.
The Standards, Productivity and Innovation Board (SPRING) is the agency under the Ministry of Trade and Industry in Singapore responsible for creating quality assurance infrastructure and internationally recognized standards. SPRING manages the Consumer Protection(Safety Requirements) Registration Scheme (CPS Scheme), which ensures 45 categories of household electrical, electronic and gas appliances and accessories meet the specified safety standards before they are given the SAFETY Mark and are sold in Singapore.
MEGA Electronics is offering a single power cord with the G-Mark, SPRING SAFETY Mark and the BSI Kite Mark (Approval for the UK) on a single cord allowing manufacturers to consolidate their inventory for multiple destinations into a single power cord.
According to the Vice President of Sales and Marketing at MEGA Electronics, Guy Francfort “As a leading manufacturer of power supplies and cords, we understand the importance of testing all products to meet the requirements of governing bodies everywhere around the world. The G-Mark and SPRING Mark certification on our products is the latest example of how we strive to be a single stop source for the international market.”

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