Why shouldn’t I use the IEC chart to select power cords?

The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) has produced a chart listing which plugs are used in each country around the world. This chart is very frequently used by engineers to specify the plugs needed for their export markets.

Unfortunately, the chart is inaccurate as it lists the same plug configuration to be used in China, Australia and Argentina.  The different countries have varying pin lengths and different national approvals. The same plug cannot be used across these three countries.

Similarly, the same problem occurs with the plug pattern used in South Africa and India. Although the pin configurations are identical, the internal color code of the wires differ to meet the national test agency standards making it impossible to ship the same cord to both destinations. The SABS approval is required in South Africa and BIS is required in India.

If you need assistance specifying the correct plug and getting the correct information on the national standards required in each country, please use MEGA’s Power Cord Guide to Global Standards or reach out to our team of professionals. We are experts, knowledgeable in the various global standards and have inventory for every global destination in New Jersey.


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