IEC Locking Power Cords

Why shouldn’t I use the IEC chart to select power cords?

The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) has produced a chart listing which plugs are used in each country around the world. This chart is very frequently used by engineers to specify the plugs needed for their export markets. Unfortunately, the chart is inaccurate as it lists the same plug configuration to be used in China, Australia and Argentina.  The different countries have varying pin lengths and different national approvals. The same plug cannot be used across these three

New locking C14 plug

The plug carries European, UL, Australian & Japanese approvals and can be used in conjunction with C13 or C19 connector to create a fully lockable jumper cord. Perfect for spaces that are suspectable to shock or vibration, the new jumper cords ensure continuous power reaches your crucial devices. Ideal shipboard or in mobile applications, it is available with a variety of cable types. VIEW FURTHER INFORMATION

Innovative Locking Connector aids French Military

The IEC Lock has been taken on board by the French Military to provide a secure locking mechanism for electrical equipment used in vital navy and aerospace operations. The French Navy has commissioned the IEC Lock for use on the Monge test and measurement ship, for the connection of time-frequency systems which are used for satellite and target tracking as well as the testing of ballistic missiles. The product is also in use on board

Locking C13 Connectors- New Angled Version Added

LOCKING C13 ANGLED ADDED MEGA is pleased to announce that we have now added angled locking C13 connectors, extending our range of locking EN60320 connectors and AC outlets. Needing no additional hardware or custom mating inlet, these locking C13 connectors can be implemented immediately into your production cycle eliminating the need for brackets and the associated labor costs that come with installing them. The locking C13 comes either fully molded or assembled and compliments our

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