Innovative Locking Connector aids French Military

The IEC Lock has been taken on board by the French Military to provide a secure locking mechanism for electrical equipment used in vital navy and aerospace operations.

The French Navy has commissioned the IEC Lock for use on the Monge test and measurement ship, for the connection of time-frequency systems which are used for satellite and target tracking as well as the testing of ballistic missiles. The product is also in use on board French submarines for synchronization of telemetry between the ground and submarines during the measurement of radiated noise. In addition, the IEC Lock is included in the ground telemetry system of the Ariane 5 launcher, which allows the follow up of the launch vehicle around the Earth.

MEGA’s Global Sales Manager, Manfred Schwarzinger comments, “The IEC Lock provides a very simple means of securing a power lead to any electrical appliance that uses an IEC type mains lead. The locking mechanism of the IEC Lock’s unique patented female C13 connector is beautifully straightforward. The lead is simply connected to the appliance as any other IEC lead. Once it has been fitted, the IEC-Lock mechanism locks it to the appliance, ensuring that the lead cannot be accidentally pulled or vibrated out of the inlet.”

As well as providing a secure locking device for equipment vulnerable to vibration, the IEC Lock was also chosen for its ease of installation and it replaces the time-consuming metal clips that had previously been used. The IEC-Lock provides ideal protection for a variety of other applications, from data communications and medical environments, through to use with electrical equipment in gyms and health clubs as well as broadcasting, lighting and entertainment.
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