Global Certification Updates for Power Supplies and Power Cords

Highlighted below are several global certification updates that impact power supplies and cords for the export market.

Power Supplies

The smallest change of type placement around a logo can be all the difference in the world to the supplier.

Taiwan announced a new requirement mandatory as of December 31st, 2017. RoHS will be included within the approval mark.

Belarus has finalized the mandatory energy efficiency requirements regarding the EAC mark on external power supplies. The mandatory energy efficiency requirements took place on April 1, 2017 and will impact additional household devices including sound and imaging equipment. The EAC mark is required. You can read more about these changes on their website at
Power Cords

India has updated the internal color-code for power cords

BIS Certification requires the Internal color-code in power cords to be red, black, green/yellow. BIS certification is mandatory for shipments to India. South African power cords are required by SABS to have the internal color-code of blue, brown, green/yellow.

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thailand Requires a TISI Mandatory Mark on products coming into their country to show proper certification.Thailand now requires the TISI approval

Plug standard TIS166-2549 is unique to Thailand and replaces the various plugs that had been accepted in the past. The plug has two insulated pins lowering the risk of inadvertent shocks on insertion. The approval is mandatory to ship to Thailand.

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Proof-Tracking-IndexJapan – CTI (Comparative Tracking Index) requirements and Proof of Tracking for Japanese power cords

PTI (Proof Tracking Index) requirement on plugs surface has been introduced by Japan as a mandatory requirement approximately one year ago. PTI is the voltage at which during testing on five samples, the samples pass the test with no failures. Tracking is an electrical breakdown on the surface of an insulating material. A large voltage difference gradually creates a conductive leakage path across the surface of the material by forming a carbonized track that could ultimately cause risk of fire.

All Japan plugs supplied by MEGA Electronics Inc conform with the PTI requirement and are PSE approved.

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As export markets mature and demand more stringent controls and approvals on powered products MEGA Electronics is here to help. We are dedicated to being your one-stop supplier for designing, manufacturing, and delivering power cords, power supplies, and DC/DC converters. Our team of experts stands ready to help you take advantage of growing global economies.

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