AC Locking Inlets and Locking C13 and C19 Power Cords [VIDEO]

These locking connectors and outlets are designed for critical applications to guard against accidental disconnection and are available in a variety of global plug configurations. For the U.S., the hospital grade plugs meet the UL 817 standard, adding the security needed in medical applications.

Watch this Video to see the IEC Locking Mechanism in Action

The Benefits of Using a Locking Power Cord

  • Suitable for use with ANY STANDARD C14 or C20 inlet
  • Protects appliances that are vulnerable to vibration
  • Connector cannot be accidentally pulled or vibrated out of the inlet
  • Guards against accidental removal of power cables connected to PDU’s, servers, network devices
  • Available from stock with worldwide plug configurations and fully certified with the major international standards
  • Hospital Grade version from stock in New Jersey

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The Benefits of Using a Rewireable C13 connector

  • Does not require special inlets on your equipment
  • Rewireable- offering total flexibility when assembling power cords
  • LSZH (low smoke zero halogen)

The Benefits of Using AC Locking Inlets:

How it works!

The operation of the mechanism is simple:

  • Push the connector into the standard IEC inlet and it is locked in position.
  • To disconnect, slide back the red tab to release and remove connector from inlet.

Since its launch in 2015, the IEC Lock has been protecting computers, servers, PDU’s, hospital equipment and most electrical appliances that are vulnerable to vibration and accidental disconnection – by way of a unique locking mechanism.
An additional security feature is the tamper-evident seal that covers the release catch. This seal must be removed to access the release catch and so is also an instant indication that the lock has been interfered with.

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