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Power Cords and Plugs for Asian Exports – Frequently Asked Questions

What power cord is used in the Philippines? The US plug configuration (NEMA 5/15 ) is used in the Philippines despite the fact that the Philippines operates on 220V. Is the Japanese plug the same as the US NEMA style? Yes, the plug has the same pin configuration, but Japan has their own approval agency (PSE).  In addition, the cable type is a different standard and the complete power cord must be approved by PSE. Does Japan

RCM vs. N mark

What is the difference between the RCM (Commonly called “C-Tick”) and N marking on Australian power cords? RCM is a mark that is required in order to sell a product directly to an end user in Australia.  MEGA is producing millions of Australian power cords every year, all of which are sold to OEMS that incorporate our power cords into their end products.  In accordance with Australian standards, we mark the plug, cable and connector

Swiss standard SN SEV 1011 updated to SN 441011

The Swiss standard is SN 441011, known until recently as SN SEV 1011, and its title is Plugs and socket-outlets for household and similar purposes.  Testing and approval is carried out under ESTI, the Federal Inspectorate for Heavy Current Installations, sometimes known as Electrosuisse; approved products are marked S+ or SEV. Swiss plugs are only used in Switzerland and Liechtenstein.  Whilst Brazilian and South African plugs appear very similar, they are not compatible due to the

Case Study: Robust Hospital Grade Plug Leads to Lower Overall Costs

A major medical device manu­facturer producing warming beds faced with major preventable repair costs  and UL listing difficulties turned to MEGA to provide a solution. In the harsh environment of hospitals, hospital grade plugs are often yanked from walls, hit and smashed with no apparent damage. However, small repetitive breaks at the pin and conduc­tor junctions eventually can cause the plugs to overheat and fail. The failure of a competitor’s plug caused costly repair calls

Frequently Asked Questions About Hospital Grade Power Cords

Where are hospital grade plugs required? Hospital grade plugs are required in any hospital-type environment in North America where the patient can come into contact with the cord, including doctor and dentist offices. There is no other global destination that requires a hospital grade plug, although clear plugs are recommended for use in Australia and New Zealand. What is the difference between standard plugs and hospital grade plugs? Both standard commercial NEMA plugs for North

Impact of the Corona Virus on production lead times

In an attempt to stop the spread of the Corona Virus in China, the Chinese National government has further extended the Chinese New Year holiday and many production facilities remained closed until February 17th , with some remaining closed until the 20th and in some areas until the end of February. This will impact lead times for all components made in China. In anticipation of the Chinese New Year standard production delays, MEGA increased our

Section 301 List 3 – Effective September 24, 2018, additional 10% tariff on power cords and power supplies.

September 18, 2018 Update: Section 301 List 3 – Effective September 24, 2018, additional 10% tariff on power cords and power supplies. All open orders produced in China will be subjected to price adjustments. MEGA will send you the new prices so that you can update your order confirmation. Dear Valued Customer, Yesterday evening, the Office of the United States Trade Representative (USTR) announced that Section 301 List 3 has been finalized after undergoing a

South American Power Cord Guidelines

South American cords and power supplies vary based on voltage and plug patterns. Here we provide detail South American power cord guidelines for Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Peru, as well as a list of voltage by country.   What is the most common plug used in South America? The US NEMA plug standard is used most commonly throughout South America, except in Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Peru. What plug is used in Argentina? Argentina adopted their

AC Locking Inlets and Locking C13 and C19 Power Cords [VIDEO]

These locking connectors and outlets are designed for critical applications to guard against accidental disconnection and are available in a variety of global plug configurations. For the U.S., the hospital grade plugs meet the UL 817 standard, adding the security needed in medical applications. Watch this Video to see the IEC Locking Mechanism in Action The Benefits of Using a Locking Power Cord Suitable for use with ANY STANDARD C14 or C20 inlet Protects appliances

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