Impact of the Corona Virus on production lead times

In an attempt to stop the spread of the Corona Virus in China, the Chinese National government has further extended the Chinese New Year holiday and many production facilities remained closed until February 17th , with some remaining closed until the 20th and in some areas until the end of February. This will impact lead times for all components made in China.

In anticipation of the Chinese New Year standard production delays, MEGA increased our stock of standard power supplies and cords in our New Jersey warehouse. If your custom made power supplies and cords are delayed, we encourage you to consider using products from our stock on the shelf. Production lead time in our Philippines facility is continuing to extend as the volume of business grows as OEMs attempt to avoid Chinese production locations.

Power supply lead times are now extended to 10-12 weeks for new orders with an additional six weeks of sea transportation. MEGA continues to monitor the situation closely and will continue to update our customers with timely information as it becomes available.

We encourage you to send new orders as far in advance as possible to lessen the impact of the extended lead times. We will be pleased to quote your need for power cords and power supplies from our Philippines production facility.
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